Our board of directors is composed of independent directors with extensive experience and professional expertise, ensuring that decisions are made without the influence of personal interests and with careful consideration of the interests of all parties. We conduct regular independent assessments to guarantee the independence and effectiveness of the board.

We adhere to an effective risk management and internal control system to minimize risks and ensure the proper protection of the company's assets and interests. We conduct regular risk assessments and internal audits, continuously improving control measures.


We continuously seek the best practices in corporate governance, maintain close communication with regulatory bodies, investors, and stakeholders, listen to feedback, and make improvements. We believe that positive feedback and ongoing learning are crucial drivers for the continuous progress of corporate governance.

Executive Director Non-Executive Director Independent non-executive director Audit Committee Remuneration and Appraisal Committee Nominating Committee Strategy Committee
Mr. Wang Zengguang
Mr. Qiao Erwei
Mr. Yiu Chiu Fai
Mr. Wang Kaibao
Mr. Wang Lijie
Ms. Wong Yan Ki, Angel
Mr. Di Zhigang
Ms. Leung Sin Yeng Winnie
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