About Us
About Us

We are a supplier of hydrogenated phenyl chemicals and energy products in Henan Province, focusing on the production and processing of hydrogenated phenyl chemicals (mainly including pure benzene, toluene and xylene) and energy products (including liquefied natural gas and gas).

  • We are highly committed to the optimal use of resources and environmental protection throughout the production cycle. 

  • We always adhere to the concept of social responsibility, by promoting the development of green and low-carbon energy, and contribute to improving the quality of the environment.

Company Overview
Collaborating with investors for a shared brilliant future

We recognize that investors are not solely providers of capital, but also crucial partners on our enduring journey of development

We emphasize investor communication, recognizing its potential to generate opportunities and challenges that drive our progress. Our commitment lies in furnishing precise, timely information, enabling you to witness our growth and partake in achievements. Through this mutual journey, we aim to collaboratively forge a brighter future with each investor.

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